Social Media for Local Business

If you're boring or hate your customers then don't waste your time here.  If you want to do some cool stuff and grow your business, read on!

Start Connecting with Your Customers

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When you actually engage with customers, you create the next level of loyalty. They get to know, like and trust your company.  And thats what makes people want to hire you for services.

Let your competitors throw away ad budgets on TV commercials, magazines and billboards.  When they drive by, they'll be on their phone commenting on YOUR Facebook page.  They'll be laughing at YOUR instagram photos. And they'll be hiring YOUR business next week.

When you do it right, social media marketing is a lower cost per reach than any type of advertising.  And it has a much deeper impact.  Build your brand, crush your competition and have fun doing it!

"Local businesses need to think like media companies. Put out content that will either inform or entertain the audience" - Gary Vaynerchuk

Benefits of a Kick Ass Social Media Strategy

Raise Brand Awareness

Tell Your Brand Story

Humanize Your Business

Create Partnerships

Connect With Customers

Develop Client Trust

Deliver Better Service

Improve Your Reputation

Generate Real Leads

Increase Website Traffic

Build Long Term Followers

Retarget Loyal Customers

Promotional Videos

We always suggest that our client take their own videos. We can help them edit and brand their videos so they can be used on multiple platforms with different aspect ratios and different purposes.  (Don't worry, we'll show you how to do it!)

Promotional videos can also be effective and tend to draw the attention of your customers.  Creating and interesting footage gets more views and helps tell your brand story.  This is an example of a promotion used to target weekend newlyweds in the local area.

How We Help Our Clients

Develop Customer Avatar and Brand Identity
Create Social Media Strategy
Design Platform Specific Content
Develop Media for Different Demographics
Set Up Workflow, Schedule & Approval
Planning and Collaboration
Manage Contests, Giveaways or Events
Set Up Automation and ChatBots
Manage Effective Advertising Campaigns

An effective, professional social media marketing strategy requires graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, photographers, strategists, creative staff and advertisers.

This makes difficult for a small local business.  You can hire a full time social media professional that isn't a specialist or you have to manage a team of contractors.   With an existing team of experts, we seamlessly fit into your organization so we can immediately deliver results.

We have been in marketing for 15 years and social media from the beginning.  As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we are well trained and experienced in social media marketing.  As a Sprout Agency Partner, we use the best software in the industry to manage your workflow.

P.S. We work with coveted blue check mark clients!

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Social Media Services

Big media companies charge $10,000+ for social media.  This is too much for most local businesses.  So, we created a service that allows us to deliver big agency marketing to small local businesses at about half the cost of a single employee (usually $1000-$3000 depending on scope).

For some clients we just create content. For  others, we work as a strategy consultant. We are flexible enough to handle one task, serve as part of your team or manage your entire social media initiative.

Custom Content Creation

Strategy & Collaboration

Scheduling & Publishing

Engagement & Response

Social Media Audit

Audience Building

Promotional Videos

Social Media Contests


"Thanks for everything.  In all of our consultants and coaches over the past 2 years, you guys are the first team we have actually seen some success.  We are so thrilled to work with you! "

Allison J

Travel Business

"Love working with Rob. We’ve been trying all sorts of different tactics to gain exposure. TEAM is getting stronger everyday!"

Charlie R

Cleaning Service

"I was initially determined to figure it all out. Within 3 weeks I found myself paralyzed by options and hurdles I never saw coming. I messed around for nearly a year with almost nothing to show for it. Very few fans, no site traffic. All I can say is Wow. You made more progress for me in five days than I accomplished in a year."

Sim B

Local Musician (Blue Check)

“Thank you so much for doing all this GREAT stuff for us! Appreciate it ALOT!! We will do the audio clip tonight!! You really have done a great job with our Twitter, I’m excited to see what you can do with this other adventure!”

Wendy H

Real Estate

Let's Chat!

We only work with select local service companies that believe in social media and customer engagement. If you aren't sure or need convincing, then please don't waste our time.

If you know this the way forward and need an expert team to partner with you, then fill out the form below.  We'll check your social media (we don't judge). It gives us a feel for your business and an idea of what you need.  You'll hear back from us within 1-2 business days.

Feel free to provide any additional information about your business or social media