How to Write Descriptions for Google My Business & Local Listings

Google My Business is the #1 business listing on the web for most businesses. In other words, it generates the most views and can send more customers to your business than any other local business listing.  It’s important to take the time and get Google My Business optimized with great content.  To start go here:

If you haven’t started with Google My Business then do it now. If you have an account, then take a look around.  You’ll get a quick idea of how much traffic and views you are getting. Here’s an example of a business that I just helped write a new description and immediately doubled search views, but they still have work to do before the get a better position on the map.  This may not seem like a lot of traffic, but this is a high end service business, so its actually a lot of exposure as one customer can be $10,000 – $30,000 in business.

Google My Business provides the most space to write good long descriptions of your company and service.  Just taking the time and effort to write out high quality descriptions can make a big difference. And there is no reason you shouldn’t apply the same concept to every business listing site.   So, what is the right way to write out descriptions?

Writing Out Company Descriptions

In the navigation area you will see a link to “Info” and you will also see a number of boxes you can edit.  You should make sure all of that information is thorough and correct.  You will see one box for company description.  Click on that and start to write it out.

The easiest way to explain what to do is to start with “what not to do.”  Here is an example of an HVAC company description.  We seem to find this often. The owner or employee took about 30 seconds to come up with a description.

“Quality HVAC provides HVAC services.  We come to your home and will fix your equipment.  We also have services to install and replace equipment.  ”

Here are a number of issues with this type of description:

  • It’s too brief
  • It’s missing a large number of keywords
  • It’s boring and not compelling
  • There is no call to action

Let’s enhance this listing description:

“As a top rated local heating and cooling service company in Denver, Colorado for the last 25 years, you can trust Quality HVAC to keep you cool in the summer and warm the cold Colorado winters.   Our friendly team of trained expert technicians are licensed and bonded.  After making a repair appointment, our technician will promptly come to your home to make an assessment.  After troubleshooting your heating or air conditioning system, you will get a detailed explanation of the issues our technician discovers.  You will also receive a quote to fix your furnace, air conditioner, ductwork, thermostat or electronics.   As an XYZ Certified Contractor, Quality HVAC can offer steep discounts on the installation of heating and air conditioning systems that utilize the latest technology in heating / cooling efficiency.  And don’t worry about uncomfortable in the middle of the night as we provide 24-hour emergency services for all customers.   Call Quality HVAC today at 555-444-3333 to schedule a repair or request a free quote to install new HVAC system.”

Our goal is to squeeze as much as we can out of this description:

  • Clearly explain what they do but add in a key component – 25 years of experience.
  • reference main keywords such as heating, cooling, HVAC multiple times
  • Add a lot more keywords. Every keyword we can think of that someone would use to find an HVAC, heating, cooling, furnace, air conditioner company.
  • We use alternative phrases.  Air Conditioning / Air Conditioner | Fix / Repair | Installation / Install
  • Utilize aspects of trust.  Top rated, friendly, licensed, bonded. Using the word trust or trusted.
  • Invoke emotion.  People visualize when they read.  Quality HVAC’s most basic solution is helping uncomfortable people quickly get cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • We include the word “expert” and mention quality of product / service when talking about technology and efficiency. The goal is to make you stand out over competitors.  What makes your product better? This is based on the concept of what we call USP – Unique Selling Proposition.  Every company should have one and utilize it in their copy.
  • Includes a call to action, to make it easy for someone to call immediately after reading it. Don’t make them search for your number or click a link.

Google My Business Tips

While you are logged in and working on it,  I would also recommend that you sit down, grab a cup of coffee and go through the entire process of completing this listing.  There are multiple sections to add business information:

  • company description
  • address
  • hours
  • special hours
  • website and appointment URL
  • services
  • store code
  • labels
  • location extension phone

To make this simple, just start at the left navigation on the desktop. Click on each link and open ever single box and fill out the information.

Does Writing Out Good Descriptions Really Help?

Yes. It makes a difference.  By having a better quality description, more photos and a complete listing, its much easier for Google to help people find your business.  While you are never guaranteed better traffic or more views, Google My Business is free. You can take an hour or two to update this listing with almost no chance of it hurting you and a great chance of this being the best 2 hours you spend to promote your business.

Here is an example of a company that we just helped rewrite their descriptions and add branded photos.

google my business growth


Most business owners can do this on their own, but if you are too busy and want proven marketing help, then Sonic Local has the best software tools and unmatched expertise in local business online marketing. We can help you efficiently update all of your listings, generate reviews and post to social media.  Certified digital marketing professionals can help you write copy for Google My Business and other business directory listing.  Click here to request a free consultation for your business.