Sonic Local provides 100% Done-For-You Services. We get your business more 5-star reviews, better star ratings and accurate business listings. Get more customers by improving click through rates and getting listed ahead of competitors in local search, voice search, maps and niche apps. We use a proven 3-phase strategy for growth:

  • Elevate - Build better online reviews and improve your online presence
  • Accelerate -Add better social media engagement and build local facebook followers
  • Boom - For businesses that want rapid growth, we help you dominate your local market.

We work with small sole proprietors, entrepreneurs,  partnerships, LLC's, startups, franchises and businesses with up to and beyond 100 employees. To find out more about the right plan for your local business, fill out the form below and we'll schedule a free 15 minute consultation.

Our goal is to find out more about your company, current marketing practices, goals and competitive landscape in order to determine the best possible plan for growth.

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