Case Study: Smoothie Company Local Marketing

Roxberry is the best smoothie, juice, and health bowl company in the Mountain West. They have multiple locations across Utah and Idaho and recently announced a new location coming in Virginia! Their mission is to provide customers with the best quality smoothies, bowls, and pressed juices possible.roxberry juice co

Although you’ll find a Roxberry store in most urban hubs of Utah, they still rely on their online presence to attract customers. Roxberry is already ahead of the game when it comes reaching a mobile audience. Their app lets customers order before coming to the store. They’ll even bring the smoothie out to the car for customers. As part of their proactive strategy to reach online and mobile customers, Roxberry started using our local marketing software.

“At the beginning we depended a lot on foot traffic and trying to let the neighborhood know. It’s become more of a destination with the help of this software. People are looking at Google and finding us.” – Brad Davis, President of Roxberry

Multi Locations

For Roxberry, it’s crucial to boost their online presence for each franchise.  The multi-location system allows for independent representation of each store online. Their business information goes out to over 75+ online directories. This includes common directories like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Apple Maps but also lesser known directories specific to Roxberry’s industry and location.

This is critical for a franchised company. If they had to change information about all of their businesses, even for something as small as hours or a phone number, they’d need to access over 1,200 directories individually. With the software that powers Sonic Local, they can make the change on each location’s software and update the associated directories automatically.

The multi-location setup also gives each franchise more autonomy. For example, hours might be different for each location. Or perhaps the featured message in Virginia shouldn’t match the featured message in Idaho. Individual control of each location let’s Roxberry cater their message to the right audience. They can assure accurate information is displayed about each specific store.

What’s the result of a directory publishing strategy? On bigger directories like Google or Bing, Roxberry increased their number of listing views over 150%. On smaller directories, Roxberry had less than 50 views a month before using the software. Now, they get over 1000 per month. More views correlate to more business. Roxberry’s phone calls and map directions increased by the same 150%.

Social Media

Roxberry doesn’t just rely on their business listings and directories to attract new customers. Each location operates their own social media accounts. Just as each location has autonomy over the information they spread online, they also have complete control over their social strategy.

This means the Roxberry in Salt Lake can post to their own social media accounts while the Roxberry in Nampa, Idaho can post to theirs, using our software tools.  Roxberry isn’t limited to just a headquarter or generic account. Their social strategy involves marketing to the local community instead of a broad regional audience.

Because the focus is on local demographics, we it easy for Roxberry locations to communicate with their specific audience. Not only can they post to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but for each platform, they interact with customers through comments and likes. This includes YouTube and Instagram. Roxberry can start the conversation by posting to their social platforms and continue the interaction with the customers without leaving the dashboard.


You’re probably catching the picture by now, but just to make it clear, each Roxberry location operates autonomously on the software. This includes managing their own reviews. Whenever a customer leaves a review, we collect and display that review to the specific location. Store managers can respond to the review directly on the Springboard with the intention of increasing customer interaction.

Each location generates their own new reviews by sending personalized texts and emails to their most satisfied customers. More interaction, reviews, and visibility from the directories has improved Roxberry’s reputation dramatically.


We calculate reputation as the combination of quality and quantity. That means a four-star rating is inadequate if only 5 people have reviewed the store. We help users improve both. In Roxberry’s case, they already had a great star rating at most of their locations. We amplified their great customer experience to improve the quantity of review while maintaining the quality they already had.

In the first month, Roxberry generated over 130 reviews. Since then, they’ve consistently generated over 2x’s as many reviews as before.


Roxberry’s success is the product of their great business model, product, and customer experience. We’ll take credit for spreading their business online to mobile users. The multi-location plan gives Roxberry individual control over the online visibility and reputation of each franchise. With greater control comes greater personalization to attract a local audience.